by - Saturday, August 05, 2017

First off, you have to realize that some items are not immediate delivery, so check that information in the description of the item. I picked 7 items and only received 5 but I am still waiting for the rest. It is something that I had already known when ordering so please bare that in mind. 

Now, to the review.

I chose  3 pair of earrings (two were not "Ready to ship" so I am still waiting for them). Two sets of brushes and a set of lashes. The shipping was as expected, around a month or so. All shipments from Asia take around that time for me, so the parcel arrived on time. The items came in a shipping bag and they were not crushed or anything.

The pineapple earrings are ADORABLE, I was afraid that they might be way too big but fortunately they are not. They are so in for summer!

The first set of brushes is just as expected because I already have a similar set, they are soft and they are good to blend eye-shadow. They are a good affordable option of brushes. What I really liked about ROSEGAL is that the brushes and accessories are very well packed, they won't get dirty or damaged because they are all individually packed. Kudos to Rosegal for this. 

The second set of brushes looks like a ZOEVA dupe, they are good brushes except for one that is a  bit rough (the blush brush on the far left) fortunately, you don't have to blend to much in that area so I don't think it will be an issue. I will see how it reacts to a wash (I always wash my brushes before using them for the first time). The bag is lovely and the set looks very pretty. You can check it out HERE.

The lashes came in an adorable package, my dad said they looked like a box of chocolates and it's kind of true. I was not expecting that. The quality, I am not so sure but the packaging is perfect for them not be crushed in transit. I will report back on how I got on with them, it's been a good 8-10 yrs since I don't use fake lashes but I'm glad I chose this one because it has all type of lashes.

Overall very happy with my choices. I would recommend ROSEGAL for shoes, beauty bits and accessories

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