Review: Missha Near Skin Age Defense Serum

by - Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Near Skin Age Defense Serum

It comes in a plastic, expensive looking, super hermetic container, this is good because the product doesn't have contact with the environment which ensures its durability the downside is that you have to guess when it's about to be finished. The consistency is gel-like. The scent, where do I begin? IT SMELLS HEAVILY OF PERFUME. Which will give you a headache if you don't like heavily scented products, fortunately, it does not linger. Its gel-like formula absorbs fast on the skin but if you use more than a tiny bit, your skin will feelnoily and sticky.

▸How I use it: In the night. After essence and eye-cream. In the hot season I sometimes skip essence and use it after toner, and then that's it. .

Plastic container

I didn't see any difference in my fine lines and the scent is so strong that I wouldn't buy it again.

RATE: 2 out of 5

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