Beauty Blender vs. Real Techniques sponge comparison

by - Friday, January 26, 2018

This post was written three years ago when I first tried both sponges, my make-up habits have changed a bit but I still think the same of them. I removed this post last time because I felt it wouldn't help anyone and that there were so many already, but now no one writes about these sponges and it might help a newbie, so here it goes...

First off, I think it's good to find a review written by someone who is not very keen on splurging on make-up and make-up tools, don't get me wrong, I freaking love make-up but I've been applying my make-up with either my fingers or the first brush/shadow applicator that crosses my path that I never quite had the need to get myself a decent set of brushes or sponges to do the task. <>

Now, I first tried applying my base with the Real Techniques brushes, total fail! My skin is way too sensitive to brushes I guess, after a couple of days after starting using the brush for my foundation I started to get bumps all over my cheeks, so I stopped. Later, I found a local store selling the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, let's say that I nearly didn't buy it because it's twice it's price in Mexico but I did in the end out of mere curiosity. You see, that's basically the reason behind most of my make-up purchases...curiosity. <>

Oh dear goodness, what a discovery, I liked it, not only did I like it, my skin liked it. I do wash it before every new use but that's just me. I've read that most people don't find the need to wash the sponge after every use or before using it but I think it's more hygienic that way, although I'm sure the sponge will last less.

So after finding that it was easier to apply my foundation with the sponge I decided I had to get the Beauty Blender (along with other favorites of many beauty youtubers) and see if it's actually better like everyone else says.

Both make the application of foundation/bb cream/cc cream/concealer easier and make them look more natural.

Both will make the foundation look more dewy due the water in them.


As the Beauty Blender is  more porous it feels softer, not in texture but when you press/squeeze the sponge it goes back to its original form quicker,you could say it has more elasticity due its porousness, this also helps to both absorb and rinse the water easier meaning it's going to be slightly more water left in the Real Techniques one.

The RT Miracle Complexion Sponge flat side helps to go under the eye area easier.

Do you NEED any of them?

To be honest, no, you don't NEED them, but if you can, you should try them out, you might find them helpful and may like the finish they add to your foundation.

Splurge or Save?
If you want and can (either because it's in your budget or because you can get hold of both of them) to try them both out of curiosity like me, then you should, both work, and in my very honest opinion, it's about texture and the use.

If you are just starting to experiment with make-up or prefer more durable/heavy duty things, I would go for the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. Why? As I said before, the Beauty Blender is more porous, and I feel, more delicate (not only because of the price tag), so if you are like me who likes to wash the sponge before every use, then, it's obvious that the less porous one will last longer and of course, most reviews say that the Beauty Blender drinks your foundation less and other good things about it but you could buy 3 or 4 Real Techniques' sponges for the Beauty Blender price, which is even more hygienic in the end.

Now, after using it for a while and  if you absolutely love it, then splurge. Who knows, maybe you'll find you prefer the Real Techniques one like I do or you are a Beauty Blender convert.

Both Dry

Both wet

Dry & Wet 


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