KBeauty First Impressions Regencia HOMME Multi Fluid by Tony Moly (Guest review)

by - Tuesday, January 02, 2018

My brother's hand, he tested the product. His skin is acne-prone but dry, so I would say it's dehydrated. When your skin is dehydrated most of the times is going to be oily and acne-prone because your skin is trying to compensate for the moisture it's lacking.

Brand: Tony Moly

Product: Regencia HOMME Multi Fluid

Ingredients: Adenosine, creatine, niacinamide, aloe vera leaf liquid,argan tree kernel oil , ceramide 3 .

Claims:Anti -Wrinkle & vitalizing Multi-fluid
Key points:
  • “Strengthen skin elasticity”
  • “Fresh and clean fragrance”
  • “Reasonable price”
  • “Refined and modern sense design”
Other things of note:
  • “All-in-one Multi Fluid which cares toner, emulsion, and essence at once”
  • “Moisturized inner skin, tidy and fast absorption”

First Impressions:

My brother liked the scent, it is very scented but a pleasant manly scent. He said his skin felt soft and not sticky but as he's not very good to explain he couldn't say more, he said one of the things he doesn't like about moisturizers is that they're greasy but this one, he would use. The first two pictures are mine, I'd say the scent is a very pleasant one and the texture is gel-like, a mixture between an emulsion and an essence just like the description says.

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