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All of my brushes are synthetic, so you don't need to use a special soap or be extra careful with the, in my opinion anyways.

You can wash them with either antibacterial soap (like I did this time), shampoo or with liquid soap for dishes ( this is the best in my opinion because it is made specially to remove oil and make-up has oils in it ). But this time I was lazy so I just used an antibacterial soap. I've used the Beauty Blender soap but to be honest I don't see any difference with my method.

So what I do is first wet all of the brushes.

Then, swirl the tip on either the soap or on a pond of liquid soap on my hand.

Next step is a bit more tiring, if your brushes are new, you just need to swirl once and leave them aside until you are going to rinse everything. I do this step one by one by the way.

But if your brushes have make-up you might have to swirl in the soap, rinse, swirl again, rinse, until the water comes almost clean and then you leave aside.

To rinse, just swirl the brushes on your hand under the water until the water comes transparent.

To dry, when the brushes are dense, like the ones I use for powder or blush, I shake them a bit, just like you would with your long hair. and then I put all the rinsed brushes on either a towel or toilet paper for them to dry. It's best if you leave them in a ventilated room. Avoid leaving your brushes, make-up and skin-care in the bathroom because it's a moist place and it changes temperatures which can be the perfect environment for fungus.

Hope you found this post useful!

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