First Impressions: Tony Moly Prestige Jeju Snail Essence

by - Friday, May 04, 2018

Product: Tony Moly Prestige Jeju Snail Essence

Ingredients:  FIND THE HERE

Claims: Elastic nutrition for a strong skin later with fermented snail mucin filtrate and easily absorbed to the skin

First Impressions:

I didn't sense any scent, the gel has gold specs in it, I am not sure if that helps with brightness or what, the texture is like I said, gel-like but not the kind I hate (like the COSRX Hyaluronic Power Essence which I find super sticky and annoying) but the one that sinks into the skin very easily. I would purchase the full size to test it further, it left my skin soft and ready for the next skin care steps.

Rate: 5 out of 5 (so far)

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