Gamiss Review

by - Friday, December 14, 2018

Hello everyone!

Here's another review of a Chinese website, this time GAMISS. I chose several things but not everything has arrived, I prbably will do a complete haul when they get here. The time things take to arrive after you receive the shipping notification is around 20 to 30 days (not business days) so you should take that in mind. Another things you should take into consideration, as always, are size and availability. If items say they will be shipped after 3 days and others after 5-7, your order will be split in packages. I don't mind that but you might. Size-wise, be careful! remember to go up one or two sizes. Things are super cheap but shipping might add up to your total.

Now, up to the products I have received so far...

I ordered these above the knee boots and a pair of trainers in red (I'm obsessed with red atm). Unfortunately, the red trainers are sold out. 

Only $16 USD!

Both shoes were exactly as pictured. Actually, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the boots, they have a very soft suede-like fabric and have a kind of warm fabric inside (perfect for my super cold feet during winter!).
I will be very honest with you...the sizing is a mess, I am usually a size 37 so I go up a size (38) when I buy Chinese shoes, this time though I went two sizes up, ordering 39 and I am SO glad I did, otherwise they wouldn't have fit like what happened with the red sneakers, which was a bummer because I liked them a lot.
Another good thing, is that the boots do not have a petroleum scent. I definitely liked them a lot. I have thin legs so if you are on the thicker thigh side, they won't fit :(

The sneakers were $11.57 USD

They are cute and do not have a scent but they run small...I ordered them in 38 and they are super tight on my toes. So sad! 

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