KBeauty First Impressions: The Face Shop Le Marche Therapy Anti-Aging No Shine Hydrating Cream Review

by - Saturday, December 29, 2018


Product: Le Marche Therapy Anti-Aging No Shine Hydrating Cream

Claims: Contains Sebum Control Complex to help minimize unwanted shine without leaving skin feeling dry, as well as Adenosine, to help fight the look of aging. .
First Impressions: It is a TRUE gel texture, transparent and nearly odorless, I caught a slight alcoholy  scent that disappears. When I first tried it I didn’t know it had yeast derivates so I wouldn’t recommend to use if you have a low immune system (due to stress or whatever reason) or if you’re propense to yeast infections. If you are like this avoid yeast derivates and fermented products like matcha and kombucha. Anyway, back to the review...this is a great option for oily skins and if you’re going to wear sunscreens that are on the heavier side. I loved it but as my immune system is always compromised because of my insomnia and stress levels I don’t think I would choose it as my daily moisturizer. It feels refreshing on the skin and after that the skin truly feels moisturized, I though it would leave a super sticky residue because it does feel as if you were applying hair gel on the skin before you spread it all over 😂. It does control sebum although my skin is not super oily I woke up with no oil on my T zone and I tried it under my SNP sunscreen which is heavy and after 6 hrs my skin is rather oil-less.

One packet would last you for 3 uses, for my face I used the amount on the pic so imagine how long will a tub last.

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