KBeauty First Impressions: Tony Moly Dr. Logy Blemish Pair

by - Tuesday, December 25, 2018


Product: Dr.LOGY Blemish Pair
Capsule Ampoule/ It contains 16 mini ampoules if you buy the normal size


 With AHA it says that it will reduce texture and make your skin better. TM recommends to use sunscreen if used in the day...I would recommend to try it at night, you know I try to avoid sun spots at all costs!!

First Impressions: 

The texture is very similar to my all-time favorite COSRX Hyalironic Acid intensive cream, not a gel, not a cream but something in between, the scent is very similar to the cream from the Phytoncide range from TM. To see exactly how it works I decided to use it by itself, skipping my whole night-time routine. So I cleansed, once because I had no make-up and then waited for my face to be dry and applied the amount on the picture...DAMN it stung my face as if I had applied alcohol directly on a paper cut...I am not sure if this product has alcohol or it’s the AHA in it but I can’t recall having that sensation when I used the AHA product from COSRX. Anyway, I was expecting to reduce a couple of pimples I got on my cheek the next day but nothing and I didn’t like that it left my skin sticky..super sticky
So I ask my chemical-exfoliant-lovers out there...is this normal? Do acids sting like alcohol would after you shave your legs or smt like that but on your face??? .

Rate: 3 out of 5

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