KBeauty Review: COSRX Aloe Vera Oil-Free Moisture Cream

by - Wednesday, December 19, 2018

▸When to Use:
If you have a 10 step routine, apply after your serum/oil.

▸How I use it:
If my skin feels dry, after serum.
If my skin feels normal, after essence.

It doesn't have a scent, the consistency is gel-like. 

I didn't like this moisturizer AT ALL, I felt oily after using it and sticky, even when I applied very little product BUT I gave it to my mum and she loved it. This is an example of how some products can work for some and not for others. She says it makes her skin feel hydrated without making her skin feel heavy on moisturizer. Her skin is pretty normal I'd say. My conclusion is that I don't get along gel-like moisturizers. A lot of people love Mizon's Snail Repair Moisturizer and I hated it as well but my mum has been using a snail gel-like product made in Mexico by some university students waaay longer than Koreans started creating snail products and it works wonders for her and some melasma she has, but if I use it, it breaks me out.

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