ZAFUL Haul/Review

by - Saturday, December 15, 2018

Hello everybody, I have a new haul/ review for you guys. This time I ordered two jumpers and a set of mermaid brushes

This time I totally risked it with the one size jumpers but OMG they were so adorable on the website that I was like okay, why not? I generally wear L sized tops and jumpers because I simply cannot stand wearing tight tops, basically because I don't like the size of my bust (not huge but not to my liking) nor my mid area, so I always go for the oversized look on top. But tell me if these aren't ADORBS!

They both actually made it to one of my ZAFUL wishlists, and to be honest I want them all. The colours are exactly as pictured. They're made of a fine stretchy knit that is soft to the touch. Size-wise, I'd say they'd fit up to a fitted UK size 12. I'm sure they will give in eventually and stretch but for 25 USD , I think they're a super cute purchase.

I haven't opened the brushes but they look very cute with the mermaid tail handle. They must be the typical synthetic soft brush. Good for the price.

Once more I am not disappointed by my choices...what do you guys think? Did you like anything?

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